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Plantation Shutters

As our most premium product, Plantation shutters cost more, but their durability and elegance make them an entirely worthwhile investment. 

Unlike most other companies, all our shutters are locally made at our Auckland factory. Therefore, we'll provide you with factory-direct pricing and manufacture times, all while ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Send us approximate measurements for a quick quote. If you're happy, we'll arrange an on-site measure and create your custom shutters!

 Key Features


  • Highly durable PVC Material

  • Resistant to water, mould, and UV

  • Fully adjustable airflow and light

  • Superb insulation and privacy

  • Easy to clean

  • High-strength aluminium core prevents warping

  • Range of slat sizes and frame styles

  • Made in Auckland - ready in 4-6 weeks

  • 10 Year Warranty


The simple, stylish aesthetic of indoor Plantation shutters can instantly elevate a room, making it both contemporary and elegant.

Superior Durablility

Plantation shutters last longer than most blinds and curtains. Its PVC material is dense, waterproof, mould and UV resistant, and easy to clean.

Privacy & Insulation

When fully closed, Plantation shutters offer complete privacy. They also help with insulation, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

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