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PVC Venetian Blinds

PVC Venetian blinds bring an elegant aesthetic to your home, and allow you to adjust how much light you let in while maintaining privacy. Its resistance to moisture makes it especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

 Key Features

  • Superior adjustablility

  • Durable, mould resistant, fade resistant PVC material

  • Smooth surface can be cleaned easily

  • Moisture and mould resistant

  • Made within 4 weeks

  • 5 Year Warranty

Note: Not as effective in blocking out light, may not be suitable for bedrooms.

Larger blinds can be difficult to pull up, but slat angle can still be adjusted.

Aluminium Blinds

24mm Slimline Aluminium Venetian Blind

All sample images are approximate representations only - actual appearance may vary. For maximum accuracy, we recommend you visit our showroom and see a real sample.

Aluminium Venetian blinds are our most affordable product. They are very lightweight, easy to clean, and perfect for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. All of our aluminium Venetian blinds use the trusted Uniline Privasee® 25mm system (learn more here).

 Key Features

  • Highly adjustable

  • Very affordable

  • Water and mould, and rust resistant, easy to clean

  • Fast and easy installation

  • Lightweight - easy to pull up and down

  • Made within 3 weeks

  • 5 Year Warranty

Colour Options


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