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Window Answers Terms and Conditions of Sale

Full payment is required before the delivery of goods.

By accepting an order the customer agrees that Window Answers shall retain title in the supplied goods until payment is received in full. 

The order is not accepted until a 50% deposit has been received by Window Answers.

By accepting an order the customer understands that the order cannot be cancelled, reduced, or refunded once accepted into the factory.

Window Answers requires an initial deposit prior to carrying out an on-site measure. If a customer decides to cancel an order after Window Answers completes the measure, the initial deposit will not be refunded to the customer.

Colour and weaves can be liable to slight variations between samples shown and the final order. 

All blinds are made square and no responsibility can be taken for out of square windows.

In the event of an account being placed in a debt collection agency for formal demand, all collection fees and disbursements shall be a debt due and owing by the customer.

A debt collection fee will be charged after 30 days of final notice. 

When the customer does not use Window Answer's measuring services, Window answers takes no responsibility if the ordered blinds do not fit or operate correctly due incorrectly or insufficiently supplied details by the customer.

When the customer requests a quote prior to using Window Answer's measuring services, the customer understands that quoted prices are approximate only and subject to changes after Window Answers completes the on-site measure.

Quotes are valid for 30 days only.


  • Blinds wider than 3000mm

  • Discolouration and wear over time

  • Damage caused by:

    • Incorrect operation and intentional or accidental misuse.

    • Accidents

    • Repairs, alterations, or incorrect installation carried out someone other than a Window Answers representative.

    • Products placed in excessively damp or unsanitary conditions.

    • Exposure to water, wind, excessive heat, intense sun, abrasive elements, insects, mould, animals, and chemicals.

    • Use of abrasive or corrosive cleaning products.


The customer is responsible for removing any existing window treatments unless a written agreement is made with Window Answers prior to installation.

It is understood that installation dates given at quoting are approximate only.

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